“As a previous resident of Coolum I frequently bought plants and donated seeds to the nursery and was always impressed with the quality and growth of the plants.  My garden in Coolum is thriving.”

Sincere regards

Janine Carty


“As active members of Peregian Beach Community Association, we tackle dunal bushland and local parks in a 2km coastal strip, south of Peregian shops.  We’ve been weeding and planting in the area, most Thursday mornings, for 14 years and are thrilled to have the Coolum Community Native Nursery at our doorstep!

We’ve enjoyed watching it develop, from its early beginnings, into the thriving business it’s become supported by teams of volunteers, seed collectors & propagators.  With Jake Hazzard at the helm CCNN plays a vital role in providing a great variety of quality natives, harvested from local stock and nurtured in our coastal environment, enabling successful transfers into our coastal bushland and parks.

Jake supports our planting programs, recommends suitable species, sources particular requirements, assists with plant ID in the field as well and enhances our knowledge and appreciation of individual species & their habitat.  He co-operates by holding selected stock for our plantathons and encourages members to plant natives in their own gardens and introduce them to their neighbours. We consider Jake and CCNN vital partners, playing integral roles in the success of our programs, both revegetation and rehabilitation.  Jake is an ambassador for  Australian flora and especially, our local indigenous species.  Thank you Jake!”

Rochelle Gooch


Peregian Beach Community Association Inc



“I have known of the Coolum Community Native Nursery for a number of years both as a volunteer and customer.

So when we recently decided to update our garden at Mudjimba using only local indigenous plants we knew where to go for assistance.  At all times the staff were friendly and helpful and their knowledge of local flora immensely useful when the time came to choose plants for our new garden.

The garden now four months old is full of plants brought from the nursery, all thriving thanks to their good start in life. Browsing through the nursery’s variety of local plants to add to our collection is always inspiring with advice on hand, if needed.

Thank you Coolum Community Native Nursery for helping us to achieve our dream.”

Rosa Sorensen




“It’s about time I said something about what a great part Coolum Community Nursery plays in my life. Although I live at Rosemount in wet sclerophyll forest, I have a very soft spot for this coastal nursery. I have great mates at Florabunda, Woombye, but my discovery of Coolum has been eye-opening. I’ve found that because I live on a sandy ridge, a lot of Coolum’s stock works for me.

Examples: I’ve used lots of dune creepers to cover areas like my septic sand filter and other areas where I can’t grow trees. I have an irrigation area off my ecological septic, and here I’ve used Banksia aemula (Wallum Banksia) and Banksia oblongifolia (Dwarf Banksia) from Coolum as well as rainforest species from Woombye. I’ve used lots of Acacia oshanesii (Irish Wattle) from both nurseries, Crinum pedunculatum (Crinum Lily) in wet areas, Dodonea triquetra (Hop Bush) over sandstone, fast-growing Hibiscus heterophyllus (Native Rosella) which loves my place and even Alectron coriaceus (Beach Birdseye) which while starting slowly, now looks very much at home. I’ve had to support a lot of sandy (also clay) banks and Coolum’s great selection of grasses has helped me hugely.

What more can I say? Well, Jake at Coolum is great to talk to. He has a huge volume of knowledge but he never gets ahead of you and has a way of reading your mind when you’re wondering how to put the next question. Jake’s outlook must rub off on the volunteers because they’ve also always been a delight to deal with.

The other thing I’d say that’s good about Coolum is the signage for groundcovers, understorey etc. Those categories really help. Just be mindful about the watering sprays when you go there. Are they waiting until you go to that spot, or is it random? Hmm.”

Robert Rooks


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