Coastal She-Oak

Tree to 6 Metres


Graceful drooping habit, fine foliage “sings” in the breeze. Reddish brown flowers in March-May followed
by bird attracting seed pods.

Self mulching. Tolerates S/E ocean winds. Good for windbreaks & dune stability.

Natural Habitat: Coastal Dunes

Aspect: Full Sun

Soil/Conditions: Sandy

Special Features:
• Food tree of Yellow Black Cockatoos
• Tolerates drier sites

Garden Styles:

  • Coastal Natives
  • Birds and Butterflies
  • Gardening for Biodiversity

Extra information:

Australian National Botanic garden – Aboriginal Plant Use Trail

Casuarina and Allocasuarina spp. (She-oaks)

The hard wood of she-oak was much used for making boomerangs, shields and clubs. In Wyrie Swamp, South Australia, archaeologists found a boomerang 10,000 years old, made from she-oak wood. Young shoots were chewed to allay thirst, and young cones were also eaten.