Coastal Pine

Tree to 10 Metres


Coastal tree found on headlands and sand dune areas. Straight trunk, fissured bark. Smooth spherical woody fruit.

Dense Blue / Green Cypress-like leaves

Natural Habitat: Coastal Forest, Dunes, Headlands

Aspect: Full Sun / Filtered Sun

Soil/Conditions: Well Drained / Sandy

Special Features:
• Excellent wind break
• Termite Resistant Timber
• Aboriginal Tool and Medicine Source
• Resin used in medicines, paint and adhesives

Garden Styles:

  • Coastal Native
  • Minimalism Architectural

Extra information:

Australian National Botanic garden – Aboriginal Plant Use Trail

Callitris spp. (Native Cypress pines)

Aboriginal people on the Murray River made a combined canoe pole and fish spear nearly 4 m long from the wood of the Murray Pine, Callitris preissii, called by them Maroong. The resin was also a cement for fastening barbs to spears.