Water Gum

Tree to 10 Metres, 3m wide


Glossy dark green foliage, new leaves reddish pink. Yellow flowers in Spring to Summer.

Scaly grey bark that sheds in thin strips.

Grows along water courses or near water.

Used as Street Trees in Maleny

Natural Habitat: Eucalypt Rainforest

Aspect: Full Sun / Filtered Sun

Soil/Conditions: Sandy, Adaptable

Special Features:

  • Attractive bark that sheds.
  • Attractive new grow is pink/red.
  • Bird attracting.
  • Very similar to Golden Penda, only a local native.
  • Attracts bees (Wheen Bee Foundation)

Garden Styles:

  • Native Rainforest
  • Birds and Butterflies
  • Gardening for Biodiversity