Blue Lilly-Pilly

Tree to 6 Metres, 3 Metres wide


Ornamental & fast growing.

Glossy dark green to yellow foliage, leaves smell lemony when crushed, Creamy-White flowers in Summer, tasty edible purplish-blue fruit in March-May.

Natural Habitat: Coastal hind-dunes, Dry Rainforest

Aspect: Full Sun / Filtered Sun

Soil/Conditions: Sandy, Adaptable

Special Features:

  • Edible Fruit – ideal for jam making
  • Good Windbreak or Street Tree
  • Bird attracting
  • Tolerates south-east winds and salt spray.
  • Attracts bees (Wheen Bee Foundation)

Garden Styles:

  • Kids Garden
  • Bush Food Garden
  • Gardening for Biodiversity
  • Birds and Butterflies
  • Native Rainforest