Swamp Banksia

Shrub 1.5m, 1m Wide


Upright spreading habit. Serrated leathery leaves to 30cm long. Blue-green to lime coloured flower spikes 20cm tall in Dec/May. Interesting seed cones that remain on shrub. Iconic architectural plant. Prefers wetter areas.

Natural Habitat: Wallum

Aspect: Full Sun

Soil/Conditions: Adaptable

Special Features:
• Bird Attracting
• Flowers produce nectar which is bush tucker
• Fantastic small coastal garden shrub
• Frost hardy

Garden styles:

  • Native Coastal
  • Gardening for Biodiversity
  • Austral Desert
  • Birds and Butterflies

Extra information:

Australian National Botanic garden – Aboriginal Plant Use Trail

Banksia spp. (Banksias)

The flower-cones were soaked in water in bark or wooden containers to extract the nectar to make sweet drinks. Early settlers called banksias ‘honeysuckles’.