Blue Flax Lily

Lily to 0.5m, Flower to 1m


Compact, Erect, Tufting, clumping habit. Rich green perennial strap-like leaves to 30 cm. Mauve and yellow flowers to 15 mm all year on tangled spikes to 60cm. Dark Blue / Purple berry fruit to 15 mm.

Natural Habitat: Dry Eucalypt Forests

Aspect: Full Sun / Filtered Sun

Soil/Conditions: Adaptable / Well-Drained

Special Features:
• Soil Binding Plant on slopes
• Edging Plant
• Rockery Plant
• Prefers un-mulched sites

Garden Styles:

  • Cottage Garden
  • Coastal Native
  • Native Rainforest
  • Gardening for Biodiversity
  • Native Meadow