Mt Emu She-Oak

Shrub to 3m


Endangered shrub, usually found in low heath from Caloundra to Mt Emu South.

Male and female flowers on separate plants, flowers in winter, no stalk on male flower.

Small spike on top of cone.

Prefers wet heath soils eg light to medium clay and sandy loam.

Family: Casuarinaceae

Natural Habitat: Dry Sclerophyll Forest / Heathland

Aspect: Full Sun

Soil/Conditions: Adaptable

Special Features:

  • Hardy Shrub
  • Only occurs naturally on or near Mt Emu
  • Salt & wind tolerant

Garden Styles:

  • Coastal Natives
  • Gardening for Biodiversity
  • Minimalist Architectural
    Listed as Endangered Species

Extra information:

Australian National Botanic garden – Aboriginal Plant Use Trail

Casuarina and Allocasuarina spp. (She-oaks)

The hard wood of she-oak was much used for making boomerangs, shields and clubs. In Wyrie Swamp, South Australia, archaeologists found a boomerang 10,000 years old, made from she-oak wood. Young shoots were chewed to allay thirst, and young cones were also eaten.